Warehouses and ground gas: Managing risk and ensuring safety

Find out how GGS can monitor ground gas in warehouses and large scale developments to minimise the risk to products, people and productivity.

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Find out how GGS can monitor ground gas in warehouses and large scale developments to minimise the risk to products, people and productivity.

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Monitoring ground gas risk in warehouses


The multifaceted nature of warehouses provides challenge. Enourmous buildings house a synchronised system of processes, including a vast number of products being received, sorted, stored, and shipped via a complex network of people and transport. The fluidity of this operation depends on the provision of a safely constructed and actively monitored structure.

Managing ground gas risk in warehouses

The massive scale and layout of warehouses presents the need for large scale ground gas planning and protection. The round the clock nature of warehouse operations needs the right type of monitoring to ensure the safety of the facility, the people that work there and the assets it stores.

ggs ground gas monitoring for warehouses


Key challenges include:

  • Minimising the risk associated with such a thriving and active workplace
  • Limiting the potential for damage to products and machinery
  • Safeguarding against business interruption
  • Prevention of injury and loss of life
This is where GGS can help.

Professional ground gas services for large scale developments

GGS’ expert team of consultants provide clients with the information required to conduct business with confidence. Based on years of industry experience, we deliver a holistic service assisting clients with due diligence and quality assurance.

Our services to warehouse ground gas protection include:

  • Detailed gas pollutant linkage assessments to inform acquisition and sales
  • Environmental due diligence, including review of existing gas protection measures
  • Performing and overseeing verification with a focus on best practice and a lines of evidence approach
  • Continuous monitoring ground gas monitoring for the best quality data
  • Monitoring carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide for protection of receptors
  • Detailed intelligence to inform the design and performance of protection measures
  • Independent and in-depth data and advice
  • Services applicable to new builds and existing warehouses
  • Previously developed land and brownfield sites received

Benefits for customers

Our “do it once, and do it right” approach results in client peace of mind. The value of our substantial service offer draws from its all-inclusive nature. We lead our customers through their challenges with open eyes, independent advice and the highest quality consultancy.

We can help you:

  • Manage potential liabilities at the earliest stage so they are not left to chance
  • Limit risk to business assets and personnel
  • Minismise energy costs associated with the operation of the ventilation systems.
  • Provide a quick turnaround to enable business as usual
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Lisa and Louis joining the GGS team
Lisa and Louis join the GGS team

As summer approaches at GGS, we are excited to welcome Lisa and Louis to the team. Lisa joined GGS as an Admin Accounts Assistant and Louis is our new Marketing Executive.