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Listen to Simon Talbot, our founder and Managing Director, talk about the ethos we have here at GGS and what makes us that little bit different.

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Listen to Simon Talbot, our founder and Managing Director, talk about the ethos we have here at GGS and what makes us that little bit different.

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Who are you and what will you be talking about?

Hi, my name’s Simon Talbot, and I’m the founder and Managing Director of GGS. I’m an engineering geologist by training, but I consider myself an environmental geologist by practice.

And I’m going to talk a little bit about the ethos we have at GGS.

What is our ethos here at GGS?

It comes down to four key points: knowledge, reliability, innovation, and trust.

And I think those are what make us different to our competitors and other companies who work in this sector.

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What kind of company are we?

More than that actually, we are a hybrid. We are a hybrid consultancy and contractor. I’d like to think of us as market-leaders in ground gas monitoring and consultancy services in the UK.

But we also have probably the largest fleet of monitoring equipment of any consultancy in the UK.

And that’s one of the things that makes us different. We use our equipment on our clients sites and provide the with the backup and the expertise and the knowledge that goes around that.

So, we’re not simply monitoring contractors, but we have the knowledge and experience to provide real value to our clients.

Can you tell us about the GGS family?

And the other site of the business is our staff. And we’re very fortunate in having a talented team of qualified environmental geologists and environmental scientists, who make us a family of experts.

And I’d like to think that we look after our staff. Our staff work really hard and it’s important that we look after them in turn. So, we have innovative policies for flexible working. We have competitive salaries and we have very generous leave entitlements.

Which, I think, are some of the reasons our staff stay with us.

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They join from leaving university and progress and develop their careers as the company grows. And some of our staff have been with us from day one. And a number of our graduates who joined us back in 2020 and 11, are now managers in our management team. So, that’s what makes us different.


How have you found the last year?

This have been a very challenging 12 months and while probably pone of the worst, or challenging years in my career, I’m very optimistic as we look forward. The success of the vaccination rollout means that I think we can have optimism for the future.

And certainly for the construction sector that we work in there is a desire to move forwards again. A pent up demand is translating into new work and new opportunities for companies, such as GGS and others in the sector.

The following pages include news articles, videos, guidance notes and white papers on a range of ground gas related topics which we hope you will find of interest. Please browse through but if you can’t find something on your particular issue of interest, we’d be very pleased to hear from you so we can put that right.

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