Ground gas webinars for 2022

Ground gas webinars from GGS are now open for booking! Take a look at these new opportunities for online learning and sign up for free today.

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Ground gas webinars from GGS are now open for booking! Take a look at these new opportunities for online learning and sign up for free today.

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New subjects and opportunities to learn


Webinars have been a vital gateway for continuous professional development over the past two years. These opportunities for online learning continue to increase in popularity, and happily so do the GGS ground gas webinars. Our Managing Director, Simon Talbot, and Marketing Manager, Emma Bates, have thoroughly enjoyed delivering the 2021 series. The feedback we’ve received has been not only flattering but informative, and we’ve implemented as many of your suggestions as we can into our 2022 ground gas webinar programme.

ground gas webinars

“Please thank the GGS team for the webinar yesterday, which was a real eye-opener in many ways. I learnt a lot about ground gas and many other things into the bargain!”

“Very informative as many discussions go on in our office around this subject.”

“I thought the webinar was great! It was very well timed for my project and really informative, highlighting some of the risks associated with earthworks that I should consider. I look forward to the next one.”

Here are the subjects, content, and dates for 2022:


Redeveloping landfill sites and the value of continuous ground gas data
10.30am Wednesday 16th March 2022

Many former landfills are located in prime locations and accurate assessment of the residual ground gas hazard is key to their successful development. This webinar provides worked examples of how such sites have been established and how continuous monitoring can provide the necessary data for effective gas protection systems.

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Continuous ground gas monitoring – Part 1
10.30am Wednesday 18th May 2022

This webinar is designed as an introduction to continuous ground gas monitoring for those who are new to this technique. The main principles are discussed, and best practice identified.

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Continuous ground gas monitoring – Part 2
10.30am Wednesday 17th August 2022

Building on Part 1, this webinar discusses the Source-Pathway-Receptor (pollutant linkage) model in greater detail together with the ‘Lines of Evidence’ approach to ground gas risk assessment.

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Geology 101 for ground gas contamination
10.30am Wednesday 28th September 2022

This webinar has proved to be very popular for non-geologists who work in the gas contamination sector. The main underlying concepts of geology are described together with how they can affect ground gas behaviour and migration.

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Mine gas hazards, monitoring and risk assessment
10.30am Wednesday 23rd November 2022

As 11% of the UK is underlain by coal fields, the significance of the mine gas hazard cannot be underestimated. Following an introduction to the coal mining legacy, worked case studies are used to discuss common problems and solutions to mine gas investigation, remediation and protection for new development.

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As always, our ground gas webinars are FREE to attend. Each will provide an hour-long live session with Simon, followed by the opportunity to ask questions. Above you’ll find the registration link for each webinar.

We hope you can join us!

The following pages include news articles, videos, guidance notes and white papers on a range of ground gas related topics which we hope you will find of interest. Please browse through but if you can’t find something on your particular issue of interest, we’d be very pleased to hear from you so we can put that right.

Lisa and Louis joining the GGS team
Lisa and Louis join the GGS team

As summer approaches at GGS, we are excited to welcome Lisa and Louis to the team. Lisa joined GGS as an Admin Accounts Assistant and Louis is our new Marketing Executive.