Ground gas training

GGS provides a technical training programme to support continuous professional development across the industry.

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GGS provides a technical training programme to support continuous professional development across the industry.

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GGS provides ground gas technical training via a range of webinars, seminars, lunch-time presentations and full-day training events.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to understand and digest the volume of standards and best practice guidance. That is why we provide a range of training options that distil key points into more easily understandable forms.

Here are just some of the many topics that we cover:

  • Ground gas monitoring technologies
  • Landfill and mine gas hazards
  • Data acquisition and interpretation
  • Risk assessment
  • Radon
  • Protection design
  • Development validation and sub-floor void monitoring
  • Internal ambient air monitoring

See the feedback we have received on our training programme at the bottom of this page, which demonstrates the quality of the training we deliver.

Whether you need to brush up on the latest guidance or are new to ground gas contamination issues, simply scroll through the events list below and follow the relevant booking instructions.

We can also offer bespoke training sessions tailored to your needs. So, if you don’t see what you need, get in touch with us.

This series of webinars provides detailed insights into ground gas issues. Each one-hour event is designed to be stand-alone but can be combined with the others into a broader body of knowledge. Starting with first principles, the webinars are designed to be accessible for a range of experience, from graduates new to the topic through to experienced professionals. 

Ground gas hazards, Phase 1 desk studies, the CSM and when monitoring isn't needed
Free 10:00 am January 31, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Continuous monitoring and telemetry
Free 10:00 am March 13, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
The importance of compliance monitoring within ground gas and vapour intrusion protection systems
Free 10:00 am June 26, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Time series data, interpretation, and analytical tools to use in ground gas risk assessment
Free 10:00 am August 7, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Atmospheric pressure: what are worst case conditions and how to use this key metric in ground gas risk assessment?
Free 10:00 am September 4, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Radon: monitoring, risk assessment and mitigation
Free 10:00 am October 16, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Mine gas hazard and managing piling and drilling & grouting risks
Free 10:00 am November 6, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A
Continuous Ground Gas Monitoring – Trust, Telemetry and Calibration
Free 10:00 am November 20, 2024
Duration: 1 hour with live Q&A

The A – Z of Ground Gas 2024

Developed by PAG and GGS, the ‘A-Z of Ground Gas’ courses cover best practices in ground gas investigation, monitoring, risk assessment, solutions design, protection and verification. Training material draws on the latest innovative techniques and guidance, as well as case studies, practical demonstrations, and the experience of the seminar speakers.

Who should attend?
The courses are designed for consultants, architects, engineers, regulators, constructors and developers who want to understand how ground gas risks can be better managed, protection measures can be better designed and time and money can be saved.

Choice of two courses

We offer two courses, designed to suit the differing needs of professionals dealing with ground gas.

Course 1: Advanced A-Z of Ground Gas 

Who is it for?

  • Consultants ● Regulators

Course structure

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Ground gas behaviour and monitoring
  3. Lines of evidence and risk assessment
  4. Design, specification and planning of ground gas management
  5. Quality management – Verification as part of the remediation strategy and building safety regulations

Dates and locations

  • Tuesday 19th March – Solihull
  • Tuesday 18th June – Glasgow
  • Tuesday 10th September – London
  • Wednesday 30th October – Leeds

Course 2: Practical A-Z of Ground Gas

Who is it for?

  • Constructors ● Inspectors ● Surveyors

Course structure

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Detailing and materials
  3. Installation
  4. Verification in practice

Dates and locations

  • Wednesday 17th April – Solihull
  • Wednesday 19th June – Glasgow
  • Thursday 3rd October – London
  • Tuesday 12th November – Leeds

Prices and discounts

  • Local authority employees: 1 day – £196.00 + vat
  • Business employee: 1 day – £248.00 + vat
  • Discount 10% off for 2 or more people
  • Discount 10% off if booking both 1 day courses

How do I book a place?

Click here for the booking form.

Please email Tamsin Wills to book. 

Please note that places are limited to 30 people and these will be allocated on a first come basis.

If you would like information on training dates for 2024, please email Steve Jay.

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It truly is an A-Z, leading through ground gas basics which are often overlooked but form the fundamentals on which the assessments are made. Great concept with interaction between all presenters.Jonathan, Senior Engineer, SANCTUS LTD

Really enjoyed the day and had a few lightbulb moments!Mandy, Senior Environmental Protection Officer, East Northants Council

Very informative and interesting case studies. Good delivery of the presentations and good content. Really enjoyed the Radon talk.Victoria, Geo-Environmental Engineer, ARUP

As a regulator, the information provided will be very helpful. Very grateful that I was able to speak to Simon Talbot about a specific case. Simon’s expertise and experience was very helpful in assisting me decide a course of action.Muttakir Mohammed, Pollution Control Officer, NPTCRC

Great – excellent hands on course. Good demonstration of installation and verification of ground gas membrane.Matt, Senior Geo-Environmental Engineer, NHBC

Very interesting course. It seems that all the attendees are from very reputable companies who focus on the importance of a proper and thorough investigation rather than producing results quickly on behalf of developers. I will certainly be focussing more on the discussion of radon in the reports I review.Joanne, Graduate Environmental Health Officer, Kirklees Council

Great knowledge from presenters. Thoroughly enjoyed.Tyler, Engineer, Groundsafe LTD

One of the most interesting training courses I have attended.Jane, Geo-Environmental Consultant, Hydrock

The A-Z of Ground Gas provides a great insight into all aspects of contaminated land. The material was easily digestible and interesting whether we were learning about different solutions and technologies to deal with contaminated land or how landfill sites are redeveloped into residential or commercial spaces. I found the course extremely educational and thoroughly enjoyed the two days.Richard, Landfill Technician, Birmingham City Council

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